Please, read carefully the following terms and conditions to be accepted before acceding to the service. The company has the right to modify conditions at any time at own incontestable discretion: users can view possible changes going to 'Settings', then 'Info' in the app. The use of the service corresponds to the acceptance of terms and conditions.

The service is free. Once the Bubble is sent, there is the possibility of instant messaging.

The recipient can block the reception of communications from unpleasant users.

To use the service, as recipient or sender, you have to be registered to the app BUBBLES message in time.

Registration implies the acceptance of terms and conditions.

To register you have to submit your telephone number setting up the password and confirming the registration. In case of substitution of the mobile phone, the user has to log-in from the new phone in order to enjoy the service.

The service works through external and not owned servers. The company reserves the right to use those servers evaluated more appropriated during the time. The company sets up all the cautions and activities to protect users data: nevertheless the possible loss of data cannot be ascribed to the company itself.

The sender is the only responsible for the contents – text, images, videos – since those are unknown by the company which cannot control or ban, and it is not in its authority.

The company reserves the right to deny any person or entity the use of the service, to hinder the use of the service to unpleasant persons, and stop the service without notice.
Use of personal data/Privacy
We provide all the information related to the purposes and methods of the use of your personal data, the scope of data communication and diffusion, the nature of data in our possession and their transfer:
  • Data of registered users to the app “Bubbles message in time” can be used to inform users, directly or by others, about products, services, promotional services and generally about everything we might consider of interest for our users which may concern our or other companies; data of registered users can be used in case of total or partial fusion with other companies, ceding, even in part, assets as well as activities to other companies; data held by “Bubbles message in time” can be legitimately transferred.
  • Promotional communications, even customized, market surveys, economic/statistical analysis, programs with prizes, disclosure of customer satisfaction by sending advertising posters, promotional material, e-mail, sms, mms. The collection and the automatic use of personal data include also sending survey questionnaires, to whom the user is not obliged to answer;
  • Use of personal data and data obtained from visits, navigations e registrations to the app “Bubbles message in time” in order to define your own profile;
  • Use of data and profile for promotional and marketing purposes by Bubbles App ltd;
  • Use of data and profile for promotional and marketing purposes by third parties.
All the information collected in the app are stored in secure facilities, whose access is limited to authorized personnel only. The website is regularly monitored to check violations on security and ensure that all the information collected are protected from unauthorized viewings.
Bubbles App ltd abides by all the security measures required by laws and norms, and by all the appropriate measures consistent with the latest advanced standards to ensure and guarantee the privacy of users’ personal data and to limit, as far as possible, risks from unauthorized accesses, removal, loss or damage of users’ personal data.